Looking for a nice activity or dinner after a long day of meetings? 

We work together with several other parties to make sure your team day is a great success! Here we have a few suggestions. But you can always contact us if you have your own ideas! 



The Pub Games
The Pub Games  is a competition that consists out of short, interactive and challenging games.
Every game is different: from guessing games to solving puzzles and cracking codes. You play on one smart phone as a team, where you guess, make choices, bid and much more! The team that has the most points in the end wins! 

Sing your favourite songs – we have more than 26.000 songs – from Hazes to Adele! 

Bingo with Mokum Magazine
Bingo boring and for old people? Not when you’re playing with the guys from Mokum Magazine – they know how to party! Numbeeeeeer 23! 

I love Holland Dinner
Also crazy about Holland? Steal the show in this classic Dutch quiz and enjoy a three course dinner! This includes quiz master(s), original questions, decorations and a price for the winners! Battle each other at the table during this Specialtours dinner game quiz! 

Murder mystery dinner 

Who can solve the murder during this dinner? There are a few suspects in your group that could be involved in this murder.. Your job? Figuring out who did this. A night of fun during our murder mystery game at the table!


Pop Quiz a GoGo

The dinner game that sounds like music to your ears! Welcome to the Pop Quiz dinner: a fun evening activity with a three course dinner for your bachelor(rette) party, family dinner or company outing!

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